Is the Cannabis Black Market going to Vanish any time soon?

Even in times of criminalization, the black market for marijuana was a big problem for the federal government. Today, different authorities are still struggling to crackdown these illegal operations that have taken deep roots in the cannabis industry. Customers today are divided between the legal and illegal market stores. United States has experienced a wave of marijuana decriminalization in some of its states and many are concerned about the impact that it will create in the nation’s effort to fight the herb. Will the recent marijuana laws that have been voted in 28 states be a big blow to the black market? Well, time will tell. In California, experts say that Proposition 64, which allowed the cultivation, distribution and sale of recreational marijuana for adults at the age of 21 years and above, was by no means drafted to deal with the illegal market. It was in the interest of users who had found benefits in using marijuana. However, legalizing marijuana was thought to be the best approach to deal with the war on drugs that has been troubling the federal government.

Proposition 64 was passed in California. So, what next for the black market? Ideally, the illegal markets in California have contributed a lot to the marijuana exports that have been realized out of the state. However, California neighbors have established their own laws and therefore, there may be very little to export when the neighboring states are still producing their own weed. Such a case was realized in Mexico where after laws were established to control the cannabis business, marijuana production in the black market started to diminish. Should we expect the same in California? Apparently, the effect will be experienced in the delivery of cannabis in Culver City and many other counties and cities under the umbrella of California.

Phasing out the illegal market will take some time in California given that it is an operation that has been around for some time now. However, the success of medical cannabis delivery in Culver City and other places would be determined by the laws that will be established through the different levels of governance. Therefore, Proposition 64 should be implemented in a way that does not make it very difficult for marijuana entrepreneurs to carry on with their legal businesses. This is especially on the issue of state, county and city taxes imposed on marijuana-related business. If there is a tax burden on part of the dealers, the effect will trickle down to affect the customers and in the end resort to the illegal operations for cheap marijuana.

The need to establish stringent laws on Cannabis cannot be over-emphasized. Any loopholes in the new marijuana laws should be fixed with the appropriate amendments. The conflict between the states and federal government seems to favor the illegal markets. Many are making a livelihood and they will do anything to sell weed to willing buyers. However, these operations are at a high risk of being ambushed by the relevant authorities. Things are changing very fast and soon, it will not be possible to get away with these illegal operations. Although they have supported major supplies of marijuana through United States, the black market business may be overwhelmed through the seed-to-sale measures that have been put in place to track cannabis businesses. There is no case of any ambiguity or some sort of confusion that will impair these regulations. It will be only a matter of time and the illegal cultivations and dispensaries will be phased out. Proper regulation and control of the entire industry will be very significant in boosting efforts to tame all weed operations.

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