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How Does Cannabis Get You High?

Many people have heard about the myth of cannabis creating dopamine to get you high. Creditable sources have even tried to claim that THC causes dopamine to flow through the body, giving the user that high feeling that cannabis is rumored to produce.

Whilst the truth is that dopamine is well known for being responsible for almost every addition on the planet, where did the media get their information from when it comes to the connection between dopamine and cannabis?

Dopamine And Cannabis

Whilst cannabis does indeed contain THC that can stimulate the brain and make the user feel good, the likelihood of THC flooding the brain with dopamine is very low.

Studies into this have shown that in actual fact, dopamine is rarely produced during the use of cannabis and if it is, it is only produced in very small amounts. The kinds of amounts of dopamine in the brain is far from the ‘floods’ that are described by the media and other sources. This suggests that what was initially thought to be true about dopamine being the brain’s only pleasure stimulant is not entirely accurate. Whilst other drugs including cocaine and amphetamine have been proven to trigger the release of dopamine in high qualities, this is just not the case for cannabis.

A review of every published study that was completed by Kings College in London found that there was little correlation in the use of cannabis and the release of dopamine. It also found that there was no stimulation of the dopamine receptor.

So What Is Responsible For The High?

If it’s not dopamine that causes that high that people usually describe when they use cannabis, what is the cause of the great feeling that so many people across the world can’t seem to get enough of?

It was in the 1990s that a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in the body was discovered, and this is called anandamide. This neurotransmitter is known as the ‘bliss molecule’ as it is responsible for feelings of joy and happiness and it is the body’s natural form of THC. Cannabis and Medical Marijuana in Culver City

When anandamide is released in the body, it has more functions than simply making you feel happy and joyous. Anandamide assists memory, appetite, fertility, movement, pain and it can even prohibit cancer cells from spreading. Visit Potvalet.  It is also a great anxiety treatment as plays an important role in the formation of new brain cells. It should be noted that anandamide doesn’t last forever and it will break down in the body in a relatively short amount of time, which is why the high from cannabis doesn’t last for very long.

Anandamide occurs naturally in the body, but THC, which is found in cannabis, has exactly the same effect in the body when it is consumed.


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