Tips to come down marijuana high

Five Ways to Reduce the Marijuana High Quickly

Legal cannabis is accessible to more people than ever before, and as expected, many overdo it in the beginning and take more than is good for them. Also called rookie syndrome, it can lead to a cannabis overdose, which, although not dangerous, can make normal function impossible until the marijuana high wears off. It can cause anxiety and paranoia, and it can happen to anyone, even old connoisseurs.

If consuming high-THC strains for the first time, or nibbling on edibles more potent than what is normal for you, becoming overly stoned is common and nothing to fear, even if it can be scary and overwhelming. It is important to take the right dosage, as too little or too much will affect your experience greatly. However, this is not always easy when consuming especially tasty strains.

Newcomers to the cannabis experience are the most susceptible to a marijuana overdose, but nobody has ever died from it or suffered long-term complications. Getting over it is really a waiting game. As with other intoxicants, you can sober up quickly, but you must give your body time to metabolize THC as you would with alcohol.

Cannabis overdoses occur more frequently with edibles. It takes longer to feel the effects of marijuana when you eat it and people get impatient and double dose, and it also takes longer for it to pass through your system. Dosages are different for everyone, and each person must experiment a little to find out how much they can tolerate. If you do not know your tolerance levels, it is safer to use it cautiously.

If you do find yourself unable to get off the couch or becoming paranoid over imaginary fears, then these five tips will calm you and help you come down quickly from a marijuana high:

1. Take a Deep Breath

Although this tip may seem obvious, many people forget to breathe when too much THC hits them and they start panicking. Breathe deeply. Deep belly breaths will help to oxygenate your blood and move the THC through your system quicker, and they will make you feel instantly better the moment you start feeling too fuzzy and uncomfortable.

2. Use Lemon and Pepper

Federal prohibition of marijuana has slowed scientific study significantly. We are still learning about the effects of cannabis and proper dosages, as well as how to change, lengthen, or end a marijuana high. We do know what science calls the “entourage effect,” which is the relationship between THC, cannabinoids and terpenes and the roles they play in the various effects of different strains.

Because of the data we now have on terpenes and CBDs, we know that other plants also have them, and that pepper and lemon share several important compounds with the cannabis plant. These compounds create an energetic, less anxious marijuana experience, and they can help you come down quickly from an unpleasant high too. CBDs and terpenes are non-psychoactive and can combat the effects of THC.

Limonene and piperine are two cannabis terpenes also found in lemon and pepper. This means that you can use them to counteract taking too much THC. Squeeze a lemon and add it to some water, along with some black pepper, and drink it. Alternatively, use peppercorns as smelling salts. Simply waft them under your nose, but do not inhale them. You can also dab essential oils under your nostrils.

3. Hydrate Yourself

Water will help flush THC from your system quicker. Slugging a big glass of water will not stop your high, but it will take the worst of the edge from it and help you enjoy it more until it wears off. It is never a good idea to consume marijuana if you are in a dehydrated state, as you will be lightheaded before you even start. You can prevent many of the nasty side effects of too much THC simply be being hydrated.

4. Drink Coffee

Caffeine will not stop the effects of THC, but it will help you refocus and reorient yourself if necessary. If you start feeling too foggy or sleepy, then a cup of coffee will sharpen your mind and prevent you from overly freaking out. Caffeine stimulates brain activity and it will give you a moment to pull yourself together. If you have yet to eat, it can be the difference between being medicated and a nervous wreck.

5. Sleep It Off

Eating will calm you down and help move the THC through your system faster. Showering can make you feel more relaxed. However, if the effects are particularly unpleasant, it may just be best to sleep it off. The THC will pass through your body in its own time, and you will wake up feeling much better. Have a nibble and a quick bath or shower, and then climb into bed until the effects wear off.

Using Marijuana in Culver City

You can easily order cannabis delivery in Culver City and get high. Being overly high can be very unpleasant, regardless of whether it happens purposefully or accidentally. The above tips will help you come down quickly, but it is always wise to have a THC-free product available for these occasions. THC-free strains are high in CBDs and terpenes, and taking them will reduce the severity of any cannabis overdose almost immediately. Always use marijuana responsibly.

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