Keeping your Marijuana Fresh through Proper Storage

Proper storage for your marijuana is important to keep it fresh and healthy. You obviously do not want to keep going to the marijuana dispensary every now and then. Therefore, the best way is to buy some considerable amount of cannabis to keep in your house. So how do you keep it safe and healthy? After you have chosen a dispensary for your medical marijuana delivery in Culver City, the next things to know how to store it. Storing your medicinal quality cannabis in the correct way keeps it fresh for a longer time. Therefore, you need to protect it from natural enemies such as humidity, mold and direct exposure to sunlight. Freshly cured bunch of sticky buds that are wholly ripe and ready for consumption are always great. However, they may go bad with time due to poor storage. The secret of keeping your weed healthy is in the manner of storage. This will tell whether you will be able to still enjoy it and get the same benefits over a period of time or not.

Things to avoid when storing your weed
Obviously, you can get high quality marijuana in Culver City. The question is whether you will be able to maintain that quality once the weed reaches your house. Low-quality plastic sandwich bags are never the best place to keep your medical marijuana. As you move the bag in your pockets, the buds can get crushed easily. This way, it will be impossible to keep your flowers intact and hence increase the chance of going bad. Again, smells permeate with ease out of plastic bags regardless of whether they are sealed or not. When your buds lose their flavors and scents, their quality depreciates. If odors leave your medicine, moisture gets released and consequently, your buds will dry out. In the end, your marijuana will not burn evenly and therefore will not serve you appropriately. Your weed needs a small portion of moisture to enhance long-term storage. Completely dried-out weed buds tend to taste bad. They also become less potent. You should also keep off tin foils and envelopes because the same mess will occur.

How about storage in your fridge? Keep off your fridge in your search for places to store marijuana. The often fluctuating humidity and temperature levels are not good for your weed. In the first place, they are not set at the right levels. Very low temperatures inside your freezer can detach trichomes from your cannabis. You definitely do not want to lose these. Therefore, avoid most of these household appliances.

How to Store your Cannabis
Consider storing your weed in a cool dark location within your house. You can jar it up. An airtight glass jar is one of the best storage solutions to go for. A good dispensary for marijuana in Culver City will advise you on how to get one if you need it. You will find them in hardware or in any container store around the city. If you can get the ones that are sealable, they are usually the best. All the same, don’t leave too much space in the jar by storing a small amount of weed. Therefore, get the correct size that matches the amount of weed you want to store. Extra space accommodates air that will dry out your cannabis buds. Most importantly, the jars should be kept in a cool dark place as earlier mentioned. Light degrades TH hence reducing your marijuana’s potency. If you can get opaque jars, that would be great! If you observe these requirements, your weed will stay fresh for a long time.

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