Marijuana in Massachusetts. Where are We, What Next?

It seems like the trend on legalizing marijuana is not stopping any time soon. It was just last year that Massachusetts voters decided to approve the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is now possible to get marijuana for recreational purposes if you are over 21 years. As much as the law has been operating for over a year now, there have been hurdles coming from the lawmakers in the state.

The lawmakers have already come up with a few changes they would want to implement to the marijuana law. This is mainly targeting the shops that would be retailing marijuana. The new bills have also seen the delay in the establishment of the Cannabis Control Commission in the state. Without this commission, it is going to be hard to account for the additional recreational marijuana in the market.

With the commission set up, it would be easier to oversee the operation of selling marijuana in the state. It will be given the same functions such as those of the Gaming Commission that handles the casino and slot games in the gambling industry around Massachusetts.

There is no doubt that some cannabis users would have some speculations. For them mostly is about the age limit on buying recreational marijuana. Some think the lawmakers could raise the age from 21 to 25. The idea has been floated around since the passing of the marijuana law. As said before, it is pure speculation as we wait to see what changes the lawmakers would be looking to make.

The Massachusetts lawmakers might be thinking of also raising the tax imposed on marijuana. Some believe that the tax rate of 12 percent on marijuana in too low. Do not forget that raising the taxes could have some effect on the business too. Having too much tax being imposed on the new law will simply defeat its purpose. The idea is to lure people to stop going to the black market for marijuana, but increasing the taxes will drive them back to such markets.

Even the raising of the tax being seen as bad, it has its supporters too. The supporters say that the additional revenue could come in handy to cover any social and any other cost of legalizing marijuana. Well, anyone who sees high taxes in a business will definitely leave it alone.

With the tax issue gaining traction, some have seen that it is inevitable for the tax to be raised. It is expected that the excise tax will be raised between 5 to 15% being collected from marijuana growers. The marijuana specific sales on the other hand can increase between 10 to 20%. There is the local option tax that might be at 5%. Many lawmakers are for the idea of having a higher tax rate.

There is nowhere in the US where driving under the influence of marijuana is legal. If you are caught, expect to spend some time behind bars. The new law does not change this legality either. The senators have expressed the need to have the state officials develop methods and rules that can be used to determine whether the driver is impaired by marijuana. There should also be a legal limit for the THC blood concentration that can warrant if the person would be impaired.

Something new we can expect is that the lawmakers would seek to have new limits on the manufacture and selling of marijuana products. It is possible that with the legalization of marijuana, some people will take advantage to create products to sell mostly to youths. Such can include candy bars and baked goods. Products such as candy bars can easily end up in the hands of children.

The other products likely to be prohibited will be liquid marijuana with several servings of THC. Of course, there is the need to regulate the number of products that would come up from the allowing of recreational marijuana. Some products can lead to health issues thus the need for proper checks to ensure they are fit for human consumption.

Some new laws we might expect include the ban on home growing of weed. Currently, the law allows for growing up to 12 plants for a household. A single plant is expected to yield over a pound of marijuana. For the lawmakers, home growing is going to make it impossible to use the seed-to-sale tracking system. Being a loophole, the lawmakers are definitely not comfortable with it. The report has suggested the banning or temporary banning of the activity until further consultations have been made.

Just like the cigarettes, there will be strict rules on just how marijuana will be marketed and advertised. The restrictions will be placed on TV, radio, print, billboard, or internet advertising. The advertisements are also supposed to warn the users of the health risks. Well, let us wait to see just how much can change in this marijuana law.

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