Online Cannabis Delivery Services are Booming in California

A new era of online cannabis delivery services was born back in 1996 when California legalized medical marijuana.

Entrepreneurs were quick to seize the new money-making opportunity with both hands and so began California’s one-upmanship, trend-setting weed wonderland.

These canny businessmen were served a captive audience, hungry for a product that previously lurked in the dark alleys of criminal activity.

Not only could eager buyers with certified medical marijuana cards now access weed but they could even have their orders delivered straight to the doorsteps.

And 22 years later, when California legalized pot for adult recreational use on 1st January 2018, even more businessmen jumped onto the weed delivery service wagon.

Today, business is booming as Californians take full advantage of the many conveniences offered by these online marijuana delivery services.

Finding the right service provider

If you want to establish a trusting and ongoing relationship, then finding the right service provider is of paramount importance. There are a number of attributes that will point you in the right direction such as:

Spoilt for Choice

A good online delivery service will spoil you with an array of products from which to choose. Steer clear of delivery services whose websites only display a limited number of products. Reputable companies work hand-in-glove with trusted suppliers and will always offer you…


Ethical online delivery services will ALWAYS offer guarantees – guarantees that their products are laboratory-tested, are of top quality and that their delivery service will be on time. Another good indicator is that all product labels will display pertinent information such as the THC and CBD content, terpene profiles and flavonoids.Do not do business with anyone who cannot meet these criteria because they could be operating illegally and leave you vulnerable to being scammed. Also, be on the lookout for…

Licensed companies

It is essential that you only deal with licensed weed delivery companies. They are legal and are held accountable for providing their customers with ethical services.

Pinpointing the company that’s right for you

Reputable companies that provide overnight marijuana delivery services are easily pinpointed.

Their products should be laboratory-tested and delivered to your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours. Price tags should be competitive and products should be guaranteed to be top-quality. Their products should always be guaranteed as genuine and the range on offer should be extensive and include everything from flowers to edibles and concentrates to lubricants. If your questions are answered by friendly and knowledgeable assistants, you know you are on the right track. Finally, another green-flag indicator will be a company that offers discounts and/or free newsletters.

Delivery services are a boon

Delivery services are particularly important to medical marijuana patients who may be too ill to travel to a dispensary, or for customers living in areas where dispensaries are few and far between.

These are just some of the reasons why business is booming throughout California as an increasing number of small business enterprises offer overnight cannabis delivery services to a hungry client-base.


Joining an overnight weed delivery service is quick and easy. Simply complete the details requested, place your order and receive your pot parcel within no more than 48 hours. NEVER, however, consider using the services of a company that asks you for unnecessary private information.

Apart from the product range and price list, the website of the company you choose should be packed with weed-related information and offer you discounts as well as a free newsletter.

And, finally, a reputable overnight cannabis delivery service should be trustworthy and reliable, as well as having a solid reputation endorsed online by satisfied customers.

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