Things People Do Wrong When They Smoke Marijuana

Interest in marijuana is at an all-time high and more and more people are trying out marijuana. This is largely due to the legalization in a number of different US states as well as in certain countries. Canada is all set to be the world’s first large nation to legalize recreational marijuana and this is going to have large implications for the rest of the world. For one thing, it is going to show modern industrialized countries that there is nothing wrong with marijuana and that it will lead to greater income and a happier populace. This will encourage other countries to investigate legalization. And at the end of the day, there will be more people smoking marijuana and most likely leading happier lives because of it. Marijuana has several health benefits also.

What Are People Doing Wrong?

Saying this, most people do not know how to smoke marijuana properly. It is to be expected that after so many years of prohibition that people are not familiar enough with marijuana to smoke it properly. The first thing that people do wrong is that they smoke too much. A recent study carried out demonstrated that the amount of marijuana need to actually relax a person was a few puffs of a marijuana cigarette, less than a third of what people smoke in a joint. The study was carried out on 42 volunteers and monitored key variables including heart rate, hormone levels, and blood pressure and concluded that small amounts of THC are all that is needed to gain a sense of relaxation and that higher amounts can easily lead to anxiety. Most people simply smoke too much marijuana, and this is why many report a feeling of anxiety after smoking marijuana.

Another thing that many fail to take into consideration is that smoking is by and large an individual experience. Most do not pay attention to what works for their own body. It is important to do research into what your body responds well to and how marijuana actually works. For those who smoke regularly, it is good to know what marijuana actually does inside the body and the different strains of marijuana. It is important to note how your body responds to Indica’s Sativa, hybrids and all different manner and types of marijuana inhalation. At the very least people should be aware that Indica’s are meant for relaxation and sativa’s are more geared towards visuals and euphoric high. There is quite a difference between the two pure strains and a number of hybrid strains in between.

It might be a good idea to consider investing in a good quality vaporizer when smoking marijuana. They are not that expensive and make smoking marijuana so much easier. They can be preloaded at home and taken on the fly, saving the time and stress of having to roll your own joint. Good quality equipment will make it easier for all new marijuana smokers to inhale their favorite plant with ease.

Basic Marijuana Mistakes

There are many other items to keep in mind when smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana is not like smoking a cigar, and there is no need to keep the smoke swirling around in your mouth. The smoke is meant to be inhaled into the lungs like you were smoking a cigarette. There is also a belief that the longer you inhale, the better. This is nonsense, it is not meant to be a struggle or some sort of competition. Just inhale and exhale softly and enjoy the experience. Smoking marijuana is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, not a social arm wrestle. Do not be pressured into smoking more than you want to.

Other common mistakes are not purchasing a good grinder (which are quite cheap) and grinding up the marijuana finely. This will allow the air to circulate better and give a finder smoke. Poor marijuana storage is also a common mistake. Marijuana should be kept in an airtight container to preserve its taste and its effect. Cannabis is a sturdy plant but it does lose its potency with time once it has been pruned and packed. It needs to be preserved as best it can, and a humidor can solve the issue of marijuana storage.

Some people believe that eating marijuana raw will help them to get high. Marijuana needs to be heated in order for the THC to be released. Otherwise, the THC will not have an effect and you can get high. This is wonderful news for sports enthusiasts, vegans, and CrossFit athletes. A few buds of marijuana can be thrown into a blender for many of the associated health benefits without any risk of the high. Though THC is the compound that gives the majority of the therapeutic benefits marijuana is a superfood, especially the leaves, which contain large amounts of vitamins like all green plant foods.

A Beautiful Future

As the world becomes more cannabis friendly we are going to see a lot more ways to smoke cannabis. It is important that people learn to use it correctly and that they listen to their bodies. If ingested properly it will have tremendous effects on personal well-being. Marijuana is now available in all areas, you can get marijuana in Culver City and many more avenues besides.

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